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VFX - Particle Dynamic Systems

Working with Particle Dynamics Systems across multiple engines, and 3D/2D packages. Anything from real world FX to integration with shader FX.


Project MESH

This is a HoloLens 2 project created for the Mesh (Metaverse) platform. This simple experience is a demonstration in the breadth of my skills in art --and how they overlap with development. Engine integration, Prefab Assembly, Animation controller, Asset creation/Texture, Materials, Particle Systems and lighting. Optimized for a mobile class device in Mixed Reality (XR). The scripting aspect of this project is a collection of my seeking out a developer mentor (C#), and a mentor from Microsoft for presets in the Mixed Reality Toolkit.

Objective: To utilize FX Triggers for object orienting programing regarding prefab assembly and animation.


Particle Systems & VFX Graph

I created a "PYRO FX" Visual Effects Graph tool for Unity in a Fire Science Simulation

Click to see the project HERE


This project explores abstract themes with custom nodes (presets) in VFX graph for automation, better control over the state and behavior of the system in engine. Unity URP is used for this demonstration.



ElectricOrb - WIP

This template project explores abstract themes with the standalone particle systems to examine the 2D design/animation process and integration with said particle system (including lights & rendering).


The four layers of particle systems that make up this orb:

Collection of 2D Images designed in Photoshop and After Effects for the material of each system.