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Technical Art


This is a project with blueprint functions built to control

an asset. This is a multi-SubObject study that includes sound, animation, PBR materials, UE5 shaders and Niagra/Popcorn FX.

This is an ongoing project that I add to and serves as a work in progress. I collaborate and learn from developers to integrate design.

Boombox Project

This project was assigned in Aaron Aikman's (Blizzard) Technical Art Certification ELVTR Course in collaboration with developer, Matt Schroder --a peer I skill share with in my community. The "P" key plays the music. The "T" key stops the music. The "C" key controls the POV.

Blueprints Flow Chart (Pre-Production Planning)


Blueprints for Root - Parent


Blueprints for Light & Emissive Buttons


Blueprints for Emissive Material - Speakers


Blueprints for Reactive Sound - Speakers Covers

Blueprints - Third Person to First Person View

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