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Environment Art & Engine Scenes

Props, Level Design, Set dressing, Integration, Modular and Procedural, Lighting


The Wellhouse - Neibolt (UE5)

This project was a single level, displaying the multi-subobject architectural components, honoring the details of a Victorian-Era home. Choosing and old, haunted and ominous asset was a texture and modular workflow study for Unreal Engine 5 environment tools and advanced lighting techniques. In addition to this, the study covered material creation for blending and painting on the terrain with optimization techniques applied in the node network. Future iterations will include more epmhasis on HDRI/Skybox/Render target attributes for CGI Lighting.

This project includes original asset development infused with utilization of MegaScans foliage. Alterations have been added to provide more variation.

The Well House Preview2 _UE5.png


Project Pending

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