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White Waves

3D - Modeling; Hard Surface & Organic

Weapons, Vehicles, Character Props for games, simulations & prototyping


M4 Carbine

This is a weapon study (out of many pending posts). I chose to apply tactical equipment and other attachments to demonstrate the level of detail required for weapons. This study also is meant to produce results for PBR texturing and lighting for varying kinds of metal, plastic and rubber. The study also helped in refining my approach to masking using PBR tools.


Vietnam 1969 - Scene (UE5)

Fictional scene set up at a military camp near the Siagon River. Though the assets are closely reminiscent of

actual military equipment then, the amount of assets will be limited for optimization purposes.


Eastern Garden

This project is designed to focus on lighting and texture elements in a scene for Unreal Engine 5. The intent behind this project is to focus more on organic and complex hard surface modeling/Texturing and how image based lighting can emphasize more detail.


NASA - Character Composite & ISS Rack

Items produced for the internship at NASA - JSC (Houston, TX). The astronaut was initially created for compositing a VFX scene in NASA's MARS missions pre-visualizations. I pivoted and redesigned it retroactively to honor the Apollo missions. The Hard Surface piece was required for the ISS pre-visualization; JAXA/Kibo Rack based on actual references from the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (SVMF). References are included in the gallery. This piece was modeled and textured with zero gravity environment in mind.