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After six years in the Games | XR Simulations industry, numerous start up environments, volunteer efforts and mentor/mentee-ship, I have decided to close my site for revision. Currently, I am on a sabbatical to prepare a move towards AAA. Respectively, such preparations include a massive overhaul and update current skills, methods and attitudes based on the gap between the smaller sector in a leap to the larger. I humbly recognize this and aim to adapt and excel accordingly. 

Every artist in this field has a story and with every story there are major challenges. With an ever increasing saturation of 3D artists in this field, emergence of 3D Model libraries/Hubs, Texture libraries and automation, more artists are asked to move into technical. Others are phased right out of their roles/field(s). This space is a great opportunity acknowledge these shifts and a way to inform all peers and prospective employers of my changes.

If you are an employer or a recruiter, and you or your client would like me to submit for an art test, I would happily do so. Please use the contact form below or inbox me through LinkedIn. I wish everyone the best during these trying times, both in the field and in the world right now. Thanks for your patience and for visiting!


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