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3D Generalist & Technical - CGI

Core Skills: 3D Modeling, Texture/Shaders, VFX - Particles/Motion Graphics, Environments & Lighting

3D Modeling

Traditional & High Poly & Procedural

Multi-SubObject, Shell, Digital Sculpting & Node-based.

Experienced Packages:

  • 3DS Max 

  • Maya 

  • Zbrush

  • Modo 

  • Blender

  • Substance Modeler 

  • Marmoset Toolbag 

  • Houdini


Retopping (Photogrammetry)



Texture Sets

HDA/Tools (Intro/Intermediate)

Hard Surface - Arch/Viz, Props; Weapons, Vehicles, Furniture, Products. Organic; Biome/foliage, body parts (textures), fluids.


PBR Packages, Unreal Engine & Unity

Procedural, Material Editor & Universal Render Pipeline

Experienced Packages:

  • Substance Designer 

  • Substance Painter

  • Substance Sampler

  • UE4/5 Material Editor

  • Unity Shader Graph (URP)

  • Marmoset Toolbag

  • Quixel Mixer

Diffuse/ID Masks

Glass/Plastic/Water (Opacity)

Trim Sheets


Baking for Normal, AO

from High Poly


Environment Tools, Lighting, Design 

Unreal Engine 4/5, Unity URP/HDRP

Engine Skills:

  • Environment Tools (UE5) 

  • Terrain Tools (Unity)

  • Asset Mgmt/Integration

  • Prototype/Sandbox (R&D)

  • Greybox/Level Design

  • Lighting (IBL/Static/Dynamic)

  • Set Dressing & Post-Processing


Mesh Paint

Mega Scans

Water Systems - Materials

Multi-Material Blend

VFX - Dynamic Systems

VFX Graph, Niagra, Particle Systems

Unreal Engine 4/5, Unity URP/HDRP/3D Packages

VFX Skills:

  • Particle Systems (Unity)

  • VFX Graph (Unity)

  • Niagra (Unreal Engine)

  • After Effects (Particles)

  • Maya (nParticles)

  • 3DS Max (Mass FX)

  • Houdini: POP, VEX, SOP (Novice)

VFX Graph - Unity

Particle Systems

2D Sprite Sheets

After Effects Integration

Package-to-Engine Presets

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