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NASA | Microsoft | TYM Studio | CACC


 Community Member - Guest Speaker - 3D Artist/Designer

Professional Mentor - Co-Principle Investigator - Instructor


A journey through the passion for XR, how Immersive Technology built my career, and why I persist.




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2016 - NASA - Johnson Space Center - Space Vehicle Mockup Facility
Internship - 3D 
Hard surface

  •  3D Hard Surface artist on pre-visuals for Mars Mission 

  • Shot VFX Footage for compositing (pre-visuals)

  • Worked with Photogrammetry (astronaut characters)

  • International Space Station - JAXA (Japan) Kibo Rack

2016 - Houston HoloLens Hackathon
  • Invited to an exclusive Hackathon (Houston)

  • Joined a team as a designer

  • Created our application to solve a real-world problem

  • Presented our application

  • Realized how much faster it was to use PBR

  • Learned more about the device capabilities

  • Took a small course with Jared Bienz

  • Gained Jared as a community mentor

  • Joined the HoloLens Developer Community

2017 - HoloLens Mentor/Hackathon Co-Organizer (Houston, TX)
  • Co-Built a six-week HoloLens Training Bootcamp (Art)

  • Organized Meet ups (Game Production Pipeline Review)

  • Co-Organized the Houston HoloLens Hackathon

  • Mentor to all teams (Art) to guide their development

  • Media for dissemination to grow Houston game industry

  • Interviewed and demoed for Ayzenburg

  • Our group was also featured in the 2017 Build Conference

  • Continued to build pipeline/optimization for Mobile Class

  • Helped open opportunity for local talent

  • Invited to speak at the HoloAcademy to MRPP folks

  • Presented a deep dive on Art & Optimization

  • Demystified the PBR Art Pipeline for developers

  • Demonstrated best practices for overlapping skills

  • Consulted on hiring certain art specilizations

  • Demo - Envirolight and Performance Profiling

  • Gave robust feedback (1 on 1) for MRPP Projects

  • Meet & Greet with the Mixed Reality Labs Team

  • Experienced the MRL Team Demo (Lunar Lander)