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A journey through the passion for XR, how Immersive Technology built my career, and why I persist.




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2016 - NASA - Johnson Space Center - Space Vehicle Mockup Facility
Internship - 3D 
Hard surface

  •  3D Hard Surface artist on pre-visuals for Mars Mission 

  • Shot VFX Footage for compositing (pre-visuals)

  • Worked with Photogrammetry (astronaut characters)

  • International Space Station - JAXA (Japan) Kibo Rack

2016 - Houston HoloLens Hackathon
  • Invited to an exclusive Hackathon (Houston)

  • Joined a team as a designer

  • Created our application to solve a real-world problem

  • Presented our application

  • Realized how much faster it was to use PBR

  • Learned more about the device capabilities

  • Took a small course with Jared Bienz

  • Gained Jared as a community mentor

  • Joined the HoloLens Developer Community

2017 - HoloLens Mentor/Hackathon Co-Organizer (Houston, TX)
  • Co-Built a six-week HoloLens Training Bootcamp (Art)

  • Organized Meet ups (Game Production Pipeline Review)

  • Co-Organized the Houston HoloLens Hackathon

  • Mentor to all teams (Art) to guide their development

  • Media for dissemination to grow Houston game industry

  • Interviewed and demoed for Ayzenburg

  • Our group was also featured in the 2017 Build Conference

  • Continued to build pipeline/optimization for Mobile Class

  • Helped open opportunity for local talent

  • Invited to speak at the HoloAcademy to MRPP folks

  • Presented a deep dive on Art & Optimization

  • Demystified the PBR Art Pipeline for developers

  • Demonstrated best practices for overlapping skills

  • Consulted on hiring certain art specilizations

  • Demo - Envirolight and Performance Profiling

  • Gave robust feedback (1 on 1) for MRPP Projects

  • Meet & Greet with the Mixed Reality Labs Team

  • Experienced the MRL Team Demo (Lunar Lander)


Envirolight was a research and development project aimed at creating IBL lighting tools for additions to MRTK.

Personal CGI GOALS:

Cubemaps for Skybox using snap shots of the room via the HoloLens

Convolved Cube Map technique to possibly produce global illumination/Occlusion

Create an approach to faking object-based shadows in the HoloLens

Much of what I aimed to deliver, in the latter part of the project, was later produced by Microsoft "Mixed Reality Lighting Tools" (See Road to MR - Jared Bienz)

"Road To MR" Capture

Bethesda's Fallout - Fan Art

This style was chosen for its harsh detail... also because we love the game. The critical elements in texture that help tell the story of the asset are subjected to different lighting scenarios and tests in this app. Interactive previews of this detail are below.

Untitled picture.jpg

Comparisons were made to contrast quality and lighting and match them to a scene for viewing (Road To MR).

2018 - Practical VR - Gateway Release
  • Co-Founded a college grant program for XR

  • Designed Tech Symposiums for grant dissemination

  • Designed a course curriculum for art in XR

  • Designed course content on Holographic Spatial Design (UX)

  • Lectured (adjunct) to bulid on program self-sustainability

  • Consulted with grant partners to build training simulations

  • Designed course content for game art production (XR)

  • Taught students how to build XR protoypes

  • Taught students about Team Production (Design)

  • Reported findings to NSF on desire for students to learn in XR

  • Partnered with companies, individuals & other institutions

  • Built art pipelines for optimizations (mobile class devices)

2019 - Healthcare Games Showdown
  • Rapid Prototyping & spatial mapping tool

  • 3D Asset Library (10k assets) for easy deployment

  • Point cloud data scans


2018 - National Science Foundation
Grant - Dynamic Reality Tech
HCGS Winners: Texas Children's Hospital Team
Go to Therapon AR page
  • Lead 3D | Immersive Design | Professional Mentor

  • Houston's first game show for Immersive Tech

  • The first Hippocratic Oath for Healthcare in XR (HTX)

  • Worked as a mentor/judge on a show with sponsors

  • Helped design judging criteria for the teams (Design)

  • Technical Writing: Onboarding for Art in XR

  • Technical Writing: Onboarding for Spatial Design

  • Technical Writing: Onboarding for Enterprise in XR

  • Interim Team artist for teams that needed balance

2020 - XR Showdown
  • Lead 3D | Immersive Deign | Professional Mentor

  • Worked as a mentor/judge on a show with sponsors

  • Joined TYM STUDIO

  • Continued development on Therapon - 3D/FX

  • Technical Writing:  art specialization for AR

  • Helped design judging criteria for the teams (Design)

  • Helped Teams develop pipelines for FX/CGI in VR

  • Worked with other Professional Mentors for project feedback

  • Helped present to local government officials

  •  Presented optimization best practices on the show

2020 - Interview "Mentor Moments" - LINK